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All Categories > Heaters, Coils, Heat Exchangers & Controls > Coils, Inline Heaters & Heat Exchangers (Heating & Cooling) > Tranter PLATECOIL Heat Exchangers > Item # 60D Serpentine Platecoil Heat Exchanger  
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Item # 60D Serpentine Platecoil Heat Exchanger, Tranter 60D Serpentine Platecoil Heat Exchanger


The 60D Serpentine PLATECOIL pass design is desirable for use with liquid heat transfer media. Generally used with cold water, high temperature hot water, hot oil and refrigerants. The higher internal velocities obtained with liquids in the Serpentine design generally improve overall heat transfer rates.

Style 60D Serpentine Platecoil in the sizes indicated below are available in double embossed Carbon Steel or double embossed 316 Stainless Steel.

Contact customer service at (847)-740-1599 for size and style needed.

Specifications  · Electropolish  · Hangers  · Increase Tank Capacity for Production Work  · Weight About 1/2 as Much as Equivalent Pipe Coil  · Easy To Install  · Low First Cost  · Rigid Structural Design  · Quick Replacement  · Easy to Clean  · High Built - In Safety Factor  · Extra Corrosion Resistance


Gauge Material

12 - Carbon Steel (ONLY)
14 - Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

16 - Stainless Steel (ONLY)


316 Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel

Dimension A

12 "

Dimension B

23 "

Steam Inlet (MPT)

3/4 "

Condensate Outlet (MPT)

3/4 "

This is an economical surface finish for stainless steel. Platecoil which greatly reduces the tendency for scaling in phosphatizing and other similar solutions. Some Style 90D Electropolished Platecoil are available as stock items ready for immediate shipment.

Standard Platecoil hangers hold the Platecoil at the optimum distance from the tank wall for best chimney effect which improves heat transfer. Just bend the hanger over the edge of the tank at the desired height. Two hangers are used per Platecoil except 12" wide 70A and 60A where only one hanger is needed.

Increase Tank Capacity for Production Work
A 22" x 47" Platecoil provides the same heat transfer as 32 ft. of 1-1/2" pipe requiring approximately 30" x 60".

Weight About 1/2 as Much as Equivalent Pipe Coil
Lightweight Platecoil units are handled easily by one or two individuals - no need for hoisting machinery.

Easy To Install
"Quick Change Hangers" make Platecoil installation in open tanks easy. It takes just minutes to place the handles of the Platecoil units on the hanger hooks and bend the top of the hangers over the edge of the tank.

Low First Cost
In most instances, users find costs less to buy Platecoil than to fabricate pipe coils. Reduced installation time saves, too.

Rigid Structural Design
Platecoil's structural rigidity permits its use as walls, baffles, or partitions. It can be used in many applications where pipe coil is impractical.

Quick Replacement
No need to empty a tank to change Platecoil, just set new units in on "Quick Change" hangers. This allows double sets of Platecoil to be rotated quickly between shifts for cleaning with no production downtime.

Easy to Clean
The streamlined design of Platecoil makes it unusually simple to clean. Experience also has proved that deposits tend to form less readily on Platecoil than on pipe coils.

High Built - In Safety Factor
Laboratory tests to destruction have demonstrated a built-in safety factor of more than 5 to 1 every Platecoil is factory tested.

Extra Corrosion Resistance
All stainless steel Platecoil are fully annealed for maximum corrosion resistance at no extra cost as a standard feature. (Only Tranter, Inc. supplies this feature.)


Tranter Platecoil Data Manual
(PDF, 7974KB)

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