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All Categories > Heaters, Coils, Heat Exchangers & Controls > Coils, Inline Heaters & Heat Exchangers (Heating & Cooling) > AMETEK Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers > Item # item-2321  
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Item # item-2321, AMETEK Supercoil Heat Exchangers

AMETEK Supercoil Heat Exchangers are high efficiency
immersion coils designed for heating and cooling a wide
range of metal finishing solutions. Applications include:
electroplating, electroforming and electroless plating baths;
acidic and alkaline solutions for etching, chemical milling,
anodizing, cleaning, stripping, electropolishing and other
similar operations. The well-known non-stick characteristics
of fluoropolymer resins resist corrosion and fouling,
and its high electrical resistance minimizes the effects of
stray currents in electroplating tanks.

Supercoils are available in FEP as well as in proprietary
Q-Series tubing formulations. Q-Series coils are made
using a special fluorocarbon compound that significantly
improves thermal efficiency and increases temperature
and pressure capabilities. Q-Series Supercoils are ideal for
most metal finishing operations, particularly those involving
electroless nickel and copper plating.


Tube Outside Diameter

0.10 "

Tube Wall Thickness

0.01 "

Average Heat Transfer Coefficient Q

80 to 120 BTU/Hr.ft² ºF
454 to 682
watts/m² ºK

Average Heat Transfer Coefficient FEP

40 to 60 BTU/Hr.ft² ºF
227 to 341
watts/m² ºK




Ametek Supercoil Data Sheet
(PDF, 1221KB)

Ametek - Surface Finishing App - Cat. - Data-File
(PDF, 116KB)

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