Frontier Plus+ Inline Solvent / Chemical Heater

Provides a higher level of purity for metal-free solvent heating.

Features & Values

*Ultra pure fluid - No o-rings in the fluid path help maintain an ultra clean heating process.
*Indirect heat for safely heating chemicals and solvents in harsh environments.
*The Frontier Plus PFA and PTFE wetted surfaces to safely heat flammable solvents and provide an ultra level of purity suitable for metal-free solvent heating requirements.
*High-wattage, high-flow inline heater suitable for the most demanding semiconductor applications.
*Offers outstanding performance over a wide range of flow and temperature requirements. Flexible configurations for a wide variety of flow rates.
*PFA and PTFE wetted surfaces suitable for heating solvents, acidic chemicals, and IPA
*Available with either resistance heat or PTC (self-limiting) chips as a heat source for enhanced safety.
*Patented purge flow improves heater life by reducing chemical permeation.

Fluid Connections: ½-inch (12mm), ¾-inch (19mm) or 1-inch (25mm) tube stubs (custom connections available).

Temperature Range: Up to 180°C (356°F)

Pressure Range: Up to 550 kPa.

Available Heater Voltages: 200-480V, single or three phase

Standard Wattages: 2kW to 24kW

Certifications: UL499 (pending). SEMI S2 and CE certified.

Unit of Measure