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New Holland Spin Dryers

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Industrial dryers from New Holland speed production by drying two ways. Centrifugal force from the spinning action of the basket "throws off" excess water, oils, rinses, or paints. At the same time, a turbine fan mounted below the basket creates a powerful suction that pulls air through the parts load for added drying power. This double-drying action assures fast drying and reduces the scarring and marring frequently responsible for costly rejects. In most cases, you'll get unspotted, moisture-free parts in less than 60 seconds.

New Holland Chipwringers are the right choice to reclaim cutting oils from metal chips produced by screw machines, boring mills, grinders, and other machining operations.  
New Holland Chipwringers use centrifugal force to spin cutting oil from a basket of chips.  Simultaneously, a turbine fan mounted below the basket pulls a powerful stream of air down through the parts load, then blows the coolant off the chips towards the drain coupling. You get reusable oil and dry, salable chips quickly.
Controls and foot brake are conveniently located for easy, trouble-free operation. Occasional tightening of the drive belt and regular lubrication keeps New Holland Spin Dryers and Chipwringers in top shape.  
New Holland Spin Dryers and Chipwringers are available in a 7 pound capacity for small volumes, a 75 and 150 pound capacity for low to moderate volume shops, and a 250 pound capacity for high-volume shops. All four models feature quiet-running, one-man operation.

The following options are available for models K-24, K-90, and K-94:

  • Soft Start provides a smooth, stepless, reduced-voltage acceleration of the parts load to minimize scarring and scratching of delicate parts. You simply adjust the initial torque and timing of the Soft Start to fit your needs.
  • Variable speed permits reduced-speed operation to minimize damage to sensitive parts
  • Timer assists the operator in controlling the time of the complete drying cycle
  • Temperature control maintains heating within a controlled range for parts that are sensitive to excess heating

NOTE: Baskets are not included with Dryers/Chipwringers.

Metafin Supply Company supplies Parts that are not listed on our website.  Please call us now at (847) 740-1599 and speak with a Customer Service person who can help identify, find the exact replacement parts, and troubleshoot your centrifugal dryer problems.

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Item #

Basket Size


Motor Size

Operating Speed

Floor Space Required


K-11 Tabletop Dryer 6 x 6 in 7 lbs 1/6 hp 1100 rpm N/A 92.0 lbs
K-24 12 x 12 in 75 lbs 1 hp 825 rpm 24 x 37 in 400 lbs
K-24C Chipwringer 12 x 12 in 75 lbs 1 hp 825 rpm 24 x 37 in 400 lbs
K-90 18 x 18 in 150 lbs 2 hp 625 rpm 31 x 40 in 615 lbs
K-90C Chipwringer 18 x 18 in 150 lbs 2 hp 625 rpm 31 x 40 in 615 lbs
K-94 18 x 24 in 250 lbs 3 hp 625 rpm 31 x 40 in 690 lbs
K-94C Chipwringer 18 x 24 in 250 lbs 3 hp 625 rpm 31 x 40 in 690 lbs
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1 
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