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All Categories > Filtration Systems > Mefiag & Sethco Filtration Systems > Mefiag® Filter Systems > Mefiag® Series HT 0620/2500/4500/6500/9000 High-Temp Horizontal Disc Filtration Systems (Price Range $11,746 - $40,500) > View Items  
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Mefiag® Series HT 0620/2500/4500/6500/9000 High-Temp Horizontal Disc Filtration Systems (Price Range $11,746 - $40,500)

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Price Range: $11,746 - $40,500


The MEFIAG® Advantage

MEFIAG® is recognized throughout the world as the leading supplier of high efficiency, high quality, horizontal disc filters for superior performance. Series 0620/2500/4500/6500/9000-HT are specifically designed for the filtration of hot sealing baths or other process baths with working temperatures up to 210ºF (99ºC) and capacities up to 10,000 gal/hr (40m3/hr).
The HT Series, which is designed for filtering high temperature solutions, utilizes a unique insulated double-walled filter housing design. The outside wall, due to isolation from the solution, will never reach a temperature of more than 113ºF (45ºC). Mefiag's HT Series filter housing is constructed of stainless steel and is electrolytic polished inside and out. It is equipped with a diaphragm pressure gauge for high temperature service.

Exclusive MEFIAG® stainless steel lifting device (for 4500, 6500 & 9000 Series) provides for simple mechanical movement of the cover for maintenance purposes. Just turn crank to raise lid. Then swing lid away to access filter media.

Metafin Supply Company supplies Parts that are not listed on our website.  Please call us now at (847) 740-1599 and speak with a Customer Service person who can help identify and find the exact replacement parts, and troubleshoot your system and processing problems.

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Item #

Precoated Flow Rate

Filtration Surface Area

Number of Filter Media

Filter Media Diameter

Sludge Holding Capacity

Slurry Tank


HT-0620 1,200 gph 12 ft² 35 8-1/8 " 266 in³ None 1 hp
HT-2500 2,500 gph 25 ft² 40 12 " 634 in³ None 1 hp
HT-4500 4,500 gph 44 ft² 44 14 " .92 ft³ None 3 hp
HT-6500 6,500 gph 62 ft² 35 19 " 2.97 ft³ None 3 hp
HT-9000 9,000 gph 89 ft² 50 19 " 1.84 ft³ None 5 hp
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1 
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