A powerful Alnico V horseshoe permanent magnet held in stainless steel bracket and six-foot stainless steel handle with neoprene grip makes this tool impervious to most acids used in plating. An exceptionally fine tool for retrieving odd-shaped pieces from plating tank.

  • Stainless Steel Tube, Frame and Handle
  • Neoprene Grip

    Longer Handles Available By Request

    72" Handle, Alnico V Horseshoe, Magnet Overall Length 5", 5-1/4" H, 1-1/4" W

    If you have any questions. Please call (847) 740-1599 for more help and assistance.
  • Unit of Measure


    Shipping Weight

    N/A 50 Pound

    Handle Size

    N/A 72 "

    Magnet Overall Length

    N/A 5 "

    Magnet Overall Height

    N/A 5-1/4 "

    Magnet Overall Width

    N/A 1-1/4 in

    Net Weight

    N/A 7 lbs