The Sethco "Carbolator 35B" Carbon Treatment System is a 5 way purification in one compact unit. The multipurpose "Carbolator 35B" performs all necessary plating shop purification functions. Ruggedly constructed of filament-reinforced epoxy, the tank defies corrosive chemicals and withstands exposure to intense impact or acid splashing.

The removal of organic impurities by carbon treatment, removal of base metal impurities by electrolytic purification or ion exchange, and filtration can all be carried out at the same time. Precious metal recovery by ion exchange is a separate operation.

For Carbon Treatment of up to 3,000 Gallons

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Unit of Measure



N/A 16.5 "


N/A 33.0 "


N/A Mefiag



N/A Carbon treatment
  • Electrolytic dummying (purification)
  • Depth filtration
  • Precious metal ion exchange
  • Base metal ion exchange
  • Removes organic impurities
  • Recovers precious metal ions
  • For all nickel baths, acid copper, tin lead, Alkaline cyanides, etc.
  • Avoids costly down time required for batch carbon treatmentFOR ALL NICKEL BATHS, ACID COPPER, TIN LEAD, ALKALINE CYANIDE, ETC.
  • Chambers


    N/A TANK - 18 gallon fiber reinforced epoxy, flanged both ends. Leakproof polyester cover with O-ring seal, diaphragm protected pressure gauge and 10 corrosion-resistant closure knobs. Working pressure to 50 psi. Dimension: 16-1/2" dia. x 33" high.

    PURIFIER - Two permanent polypropylene bags each holding up to 25 lbs. of replaceable activated granular carbon. Flexible less carbon may be used. Also ion-exchange resin may be substituted. 50 lbs. of granular carbon are supplied with each unit.

    FILTER - Fitted manifold with three No. 35A Mefiag depth filter tubes.

    WHEELS - Two 8" rubber wheels and one 3" revolving caster for easy portability.

    HOSE - 20 feet, 3/4" ID.

    Pumps and Motors

    Pumps and Motors

    N/A Magnetic Drive Self-Priming Pump

    The Model PMSP-510 has a lifetime coated ceramic magnet. Develops 18 GPM open pumping 26' maximum head. This pump cannot leak or aerate because it has no seals. Polypropylene construction offers high strength. It can't corrode or contaminate. Resists impact. The 1/3 HP, 115 volt 60 Hz single phase motor is totally encased and fan cooled with a waterproof switch and grounding cord. The motor is circuit breaker protected. 50 Hz TEFC motors are available.

    Vertical Pump

    Model ZDX-1/3 CPVC, bearing free. Self-priming, leakproof, maintenance free with no metal contact. Open pumping 18 GPM. Maximum head 18'. Motor is 1/6 HP/115V/60Hz/1pH/TEFC, with waterproof switch and grounding cord; protected by circuit breaker. 50 Hz and 3 phase motors are available.

    Carbon Treatment

    Carbon Treatment

    N/A CARBON TREATMENT removes organic impurities from all acid and alkaline solutions by means of a highly selective and porous bed of Mefiag granular activated carbon. This carbon takes out both dissolved and solid contaminants, but leaves in brighteners. The carbon may also be used to remove dye contaminants from nickel acetate sealing solutions and crack detection liquids.

    CARBON TREATING is fast and positive. Your solution is pumped continuously and powerfully through a dense bed of activated carbon granules. This highly selective carbon quickly reaches its saturation point in adsorbing organic impurities. Where required, taste, color, or odors can be removed. The disposable carbon is contained in permanent polypropylene bags which are easily handed and are resistant to acids and alkalies. Activated carbon replacement is economical and fast; no slurries, no waste of time. This flexible Sethco CARBOLATOR permits use of varying amounts of activated carbon depending on contaminants content in solution. The pumps are selected to allow maximum contact time of the solution with the carbon bed, to allow optimum adsorption.

    Depth Filtration

    Depth Filtration

    N/A DEPTH FILTRATION is accomplished at the same time as carbon treatment. The solution is automatically filtered through inexpensive polypropylene depth filter tubes securely fitted to a manifold. All foreign particles and contaminating solids are trapped and clean, clear solution recirculates back to the tank. Replacement of Carbolator filter tubes, when required, is quick and simple.

    The Carbolator 35B provides 10-1/2 sq. ft.

    For filtering, the Carbolator 35B is rated 300-450 GPH.

    Electrolytic Purification (Dummying)

    Electrolytic Purification (Dummying)

    N/A Impurities such as copper, lead, iron and zinc may be introduced by make-up chemicals or dissolved out of the work as it is immersed into a nickel plating tank. These dissolved impurities markedly affect the appearance, corrosion resistance and buffing quality of the deposited nickel.

    Sethco's optional built-in Electrolytic Dummying System plates out these impurities as they are introduced. Dummying may be carried out either separately or simultaneously, while carbon treating or filtering.

    The stainless steel screen cathode gives the maximum number of areas of high and low current density for the deposit of dissolved impurities. Fresh solution is continuously being pumped through the cathode screen, thus constantly exposing impure solution to the electrolytic purification process.

    The perforated titanium anode basket contains nickel pellets, which is positioned horizontally above the cathode and separated by insulating plastic spacers. Large anode areas result from this arrangement, with no restriction to the flow of liquid.

    The surface area of the stainless steel mesh cathode is approximately 1.0 sq. ft. for the 35B Carbolator. Since dummying is accomplished at low current densities, an external current of 5 Amps is all that is necessary to remove all lead, iron, copper and zinc impurities.

    Ion Exchange

    Ion Exchange

    N/A PRECIOUS METALS ARE RECOVERED EASILY FROM RINSE TANKS and at the same time produce deionized water. This is accomplished by substituting Mefiag's type MP Precious Metal ION Exchange Resin in any quantity for the granular activated carbon. This ion exchange resin extracts gold, palladium, platinum, rhodium, silver and all positive and negative charged ions from the rinse water, producing water of such purity that spotting is virtually eliminated from plating surfaces.

    The CARBOLATOR pays for itself in large dollar returns from reclaimed precious metals and in the improved plating quality, as a result of the exceptional rinse water purity. There is no additional charge for this feature except for the MP resin used.

    BASE METAL IMPURITIES from nickel plating solutions, such as copper, lead, iron and zinc are removed by the use of Mefiag's MB base metal ion exchange resin. This resin may be used in any desired quantity in place of the granular carbon in the polypropylene bag of the Carbolator. This resin may be regenerated chemically if desired. Mefiag's MB base metal ion exchange resin is an alternative method to Electrolytic Purification. For Nickel Sulfamate Electroforming solutions, a combination of Carbon and Resin remove both organic and metallic contaminants.



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