Our CECO Mefiag brand Carbolux 50 system is uniquely engineered to separate waste products from industrial electrolytes and liquors (efflorescence). Our cost-effective and efficient design is the optimal solution for separation of carbonates, sulfates, and chlorides from a wide variety of industrial electrolytes and liquors, including zinc nickel, alkaline zinc, zinc ferrous, and acid or alkaline copper.

Today, economically successful businesses deploy cold crystallisation technology for baths using Carbolux 50. The undesirable salts, carbonates and sulphates are separated by means of continuous freezing. A specific quantity of the medium is removed from the bath without impacting production. This is then cooled to a precisely defined temperature. Following the fully automated re-infusion of the purified medium into the bath, the resultant crystals remain behind on the belt filter, subsequently being dispensed into the collection chamber. The salts that have been filtered out can now be disposed of.


-Low Total Cost of Ownership

-Optimal Performance and Efficiency

-High Quality Standards

-Short Payback Time

-Un-Interrupted Production

-Lower Power Consumption

-Lower Wastewater

-Reduced Chemical Consumption

-Uniform Product Quality.


-Semi-Automated or Fully-Automated

- Complies with DIN 9002/9003.







- Metal Finishing

- Labs

- Small Plating Tanks

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