Our CECO Mefiag brand solid Pleated Polypropylene Filter combines high volume filtration with high performance pleated element for greater dirt holding capacity.

  • Solid polypropylene construction.
  • Designed for high flows (4600 gph) with small footprint.
  • Single 6" O.D. cartridge for ease of change out.
  • 27 sq ft of surface area.

    The MEFIAG® Advantage
    MEFIAG® is recognized throughout the world as the leading supplier of high efficiency, high quality, filters for superior performance. Series MKF is a design that incorporates the best that MEFIAG has to offer including solid Polypropylene construction.
  • Unit of Measure


    Flow Rate (Filtering Capacity)

    N/A 4500 gph

    Filtration Surface Area

    N/A 27 ft²

    Filter Media

    N/A (1) 6" Ø x 20" L PP Pleated Element - #42510020

    Approximate Length

    N/A 31.5 "

    Approximate Width

    N/A 25.6 "

    Approximate Height

    N/A 45.5 "

    Approximate (Crated) Net Weight

    N/A 400 lbs

    Connections (Suction and Discharge)

    N/A See Drawing

    TEFC Motor

    N/A 3 hp

    Hose Barbs InletØ

    N/A 2-1/2 "

    Hose Barbs OutletØ

    N/A 2 "

    Threaded InletØ

    N/A 2 "

    Threaded OutletØ

    N/A 1-1/2 "

    Flanged InletØ

    N/A 2 "

    Flanged OutletØ

    N/A 1-1/2 "

    High Performance Pleated Element

    • Solids are contained within the filter element
    • 100 pure polypropylene
    • 10 micron standard
    • 27 square feet of filtration area
    • Greater dirt holding capacity
    • Inside-out flow


    N/A Model CRS polypropylene centrifugal pump is equipped with TEFC flanged mounted motor. Mechanical seal is Mefiag CRS-25B with silicon carbide faces. Pump shaft is stainless steel with other shafts available.

    Optional Magnetic Drive Pump

    N/A Optional polypropylene magnetic drive pump Model PM is furnished with 3HP TEFC motor. High purity silicon carbide bearings and viton o-rings are standard. Self-priming Model PMSP pump is also available.

    Motor Starter

    N/A The motor starter is mounted in corrosion resistant water tight NEMA 4X enclosure.

    Piping, Valves and Connections

    N/A Piping, valves, and connections are all hard pipe PP.

    Scope of Supply

    • Filter chamber (Polypropylene) 6"Ø pleated filter = 27 sq. ft. of surface area
    • Mefiag CRS-110-PP mechanical seal pump with 3 HP 3500 RPM motor and silicon carbide seal standard
    • Lot of PP plumbing and valves (does not include plumbing to and from filter system). Chamber bleed-off and drain to have hose barb fittings
    • Polypropylene base plate with feet
    • NEMA 4X motor starter
    • Pressure gauge
    N/A For inlet and outlet connections, reference the dimensions


    N/A Mefiag

    Features and Benefits

    Features and Benefits

    • Solid PP construction
    • Compact Design
    • Small footprint
    • Single 6"Ø cartridge flow capacity to 4500 GPH
    • Easy change out (takes only minutes to change out element)
    • Greater surface area
    • Solid PP mechanical seal pump with silicon carbide seal
    • High efficiency
    • Easy maintenance procedures
    • Low pressure drop
    • Shipped for immediate operation



    N/A The filter chamber is constructed of solid PP.

    Stainless steel bolts with hand wheels hold the solid polypropylene cover in place. An air release diaphragm valve is provided.

    A stainless steel pressure gauge (0-60 PSI) is supplied with a corrosion resistant guard.

    Base is PP with stainless steel channel support structure and PP feet. Casters are available upon request.

    Sealed Housed Filter Element

    Sealed Housed Filter Element

    N/A Exclusive Mefiag sealed housed filter element chamber system is constructed from solid polypropylene. System ensures that 100% of the solution from the process tank goes to the center of the filter element to eliminate bypass.
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