Our CECO Mefiag brand steel rubber-lined High Capacity Electroplating Filter Systems feature horizontal disc technology and capacities from 3,200 to 6,500 gph for Single Chamber and up to 13,000 gph for Dual Chamber.

Designed for the filtration of nickel, copper and zinc electrolytes.
  • Operating temperature to 180F.
  • Depending on the type of process, single chamber systems are designed for plating tanks ranging from 600 to 1,500 gallons;dual chamber systems are designed for plating tanks up to 3,000 gallons.
  • Can be supplied with high profile (for zinc) or low profile (for nickel and copper) horizontal discs.
  • Special X-versions of these units are available for filtration of aggressive liquids such as acid copper, acid zinc or acid tin. The slurry tank and filter housing on X-versions are lined inside and out with ebonite, and the pump shaft is titanium.

    Exclusive MEFIAG® stainless steel lifting device provides for simple mechanical movement of the cover for maintenance purposes. Just turn crank to raise lid. Then swing lid away to access filter media.
  • Unit of Measure


    Precoated Flow Rate (Filtering Capacity)

    N/A 3,200 gph

    Open Pumping Capacity

    N/A 4,400 gph

    Filtration Surface Area

    N/A 32 ft²

    Number of Filter Media

    N/A 33

    Filter Media Diameter

    N/A 14 "

    Sludge Holding Capacity

    N/A 1.09 ft³


    N/A 41 "


    N/A 30 "


    N/A 50 "

    Hose Connections Suction Discharge

    N/A 1-1/2 "

    Hose Length (Suction and Discharge)

    N/A 10 ft
    Motor1 N/A 2 HP TEFC

    Pump Options

    N/A CRS Pump with Mechanical Seal - Standard PPM - Magnetic End Suction Pump- Adder PPQ - Magnetic Self-Priming Pump - Adder

    Slurry Tank Option



    N/A 790 lbs


    N/A Mefiag



    • Horizontal disc technology for greater surface area and maximum efficiency.
    • Large sludge holding capacity
    • Low disposal cost.
    • Wider range of flow rates for optimum bath turnover rates.
    • Corrosion resistant construction for use in most severe applications.
    • Temperatures to 180ºF(82ºC).
    • Mechanical lifting device for easy access to filter pack.
    • All polypropylene pump.
    • CRS mechanical seal with silicon carbide faces.
    • Powder coated steel frame with casters for easy handling.
    • Choice of cellulose, carbon/cellulose, and reusable polypropylene media.
    • NEMA 4 water tight, corrosion resistant starter.
    • Optional lifting device for easy pack removal



    N/A Filter chambers are constructed of mild steel with hard rubber lining (3 mm) on the interior and corrosion resistant paint (2 coats) on the exterior.
    A flanged tangential inlet is standard, along with a bottom outlet and drain.
    Stainless steel eyebolts with handwheels hold the powder coated steel cover in place. The lifting device provides for mechanical movement of the cover for maintenance purposes.
    A pressure gauge (0-60 PSI) is supplied with a corrosion resistant guard.
    Filter media suited for the application is placed between the rigid polypropylene filter discs. Filter media of various materials and micron ratings are available. Ten (10) micron cellulose is standard.
    All systems are mounted on a powder coated structural steel frame with casters for easy handling.



    N/A Polypropylene centrifugal pumps are equipped with TEFC, flange mounted motors. Mechanical seal is MEFIAG CRS-25/B with silicon carbide faces. Pump shaft is stainless steel. The motor starter is mounted in corrosion resistant, water tight NEMA 4 enclosure. The 15,000-LS Series, Fybroc fiberglass centrifugal pumps are standard. Mechanical seal options are single CRS- 35/B with silicon carbide faces or double water flush.

    Slurry Tank Specifications

    Slurry Tank Specifications

    N/A Slurry tanks are mild steel construction with an interior of hard rubber (3 mm) and an exterior of corrosion resistant paint (2 coats). They are used to facilitate pre-coating and addition of activated carbon (if required), as well as solution make-up and priming of the pump. The slurry tank can also be used to store solution from the filter chamber during changing of media or maintenance.Pre-coating provides superior filtration and extends the lifeof the filter media.

    Piping, Valves and Connections

    Piping, Valves and Connections

    N/A Piping, valves, and connections are all CPVC construction. Suction of the pump is piped to permit flow from the solution tank, slurry tank, and the filter chamber.



    N/A X-construction is used for more aggressive solutions such as acid copper, acid zinc, and acid tin. The filter chamber and slurry tank are outside rubber lined, the base and cover are powder coated and the pump shaft is titanium.

    VD Lid Assembly

    VD Lid Assembly

    N/A VD Lid assembly is used to tighten down the disc stack verses the cover.
    • 1 Motor availability (Specify completely with order):
      2 HP or 3 HP -208, 230, 460, and 575 VAC (all 60 HZ, three-phase only)
      Fully-wired, liquid-tight motor starter with magnetic switch is included for proper thermal and overcurrent protection