Hard chrome plating solutions are very aggressive at the upper and lower solution levels of the tank. As the solution evaporates, the concentration of chrome increases. Concentrated chrome vapor then condensates in the freeboard area and attacks traditional PVC liners. Witt Lining Systems innovated the solution of adding a skirt of either PVC liner or LFP CrossFilm™.

A skirt is a secondary layer of material that covers this upper and lower solution level that protects the main PVC liner from chemical exposure. A skirt made from PVC will act as a sacrificial piece of material but it will degrade over time and eventually expose the main liner to chemical attack. A skirt made from LFP CrossFilm™ is chemically inert. LFP skirts don't break down over time and they eliminate any exposure of the PVC liner in this interface area giving the tank liner its full service life.

Couple the LFP CrossFilm™ skirt with the unmatched service life of a Koroseal PVC liner and you have the longest lasting drop in liner available for hard chrome service. This longer service life means the associated time and cost of changing a liner out are fewer and provides a lower operating cost versus liners with no skirts.

An Extra Layer of Material that Protects the Liner from the Corrosive Chrome Condensate. Skirts extend the Service Life of a Tank Liner leading to lower operating costs.
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