Koroseal® PVC has a proven track record of superior performance in a wide range of chemical applications. Its unique formulation is highly resistant to strong corrosives, alkalis and salts. With an upper operating temperature of 200°F, a Koroseal liner is designed to protect your tanks, pits, and other areas in the most aggressive applications.

Koroseal liners are an excellent choice for both process and storage tanks. It is highly recommended for use in hard chrome plating solutions coupled with a LFP CrossFilm™ skirt. Koroseal is also the ideal for other chrome based solutions.

Witt Lining Systems is the exclusive tank liner manufacturer that can provide all the advantages of a drop in liner with Koroseal's proven formulation.

Koroseal® PVC drop in liners are available in 60 mil, 3/32 in., 1/8 in., and 3/16 in. gauges.

Koroseal® is a registered trademark of Profusion Industries. Used with permission.

High-Temp, Drop-in Liner Ideal for Process Tanks, Storage Tanks and Chrome Plating
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