As its name implies, HP Koroseal® PVC liners take standard Koroseal liners to the next level. With a slightly improved formulation HP Koroseal provides an added temperature range of up to 215ºF and provides a longer service life in harsh conditions.

Like standard Koroseal® PVC liners, an HP Koroseal® PVC liner is recommended for process tanks and storage tanks and in applications where temperature ranges are high or chemical concentrations are very aggressive. HP Koroseal liners can run up to 215ºF depending upon the solution.

Witt Lining Systems is the exclusive tank liner manufacturer that can provide all the advantages of a drop in liner with Koroseal's proven formulation.

HP Koroseal drop in liners are available in 3/16 in. gauge. Other gauges are available on a qualified quantity basis.

High-Temp, Drop-in Liner Ideal for Process Tanks, Storage Tanks and Chrome Plating
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