Spectra Blue® PVC liner is a proprietary formulation of PVC liner that has been exclusively developed by Witt Lining Systems. A lower cost material compared to our other formulations, Spectra Blue® PVC provides excellent chemical resistance to most acids, alkalis and salts up to a constant operating temperature of 145ºF.

Spectra Blue PVC liners are an excellent choice in both primary and secondary containment applications. With added UV inhibitors, Spectra Blue PVC is designed for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Spectra Blue PVC liners can be used in applications such as ambient chemical tanks, rinse tanks, mild process tanks, trenches, floors, pits, and containment areas.

Spectra Blue PVC drop in liners are available in 60 mil, 3/32 in., and 3/16 in. gauges.

UV Resistant Liner, Ideal for Primary and Secondary applications
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