Sethco Corrosion resistant CPVC vertical pumps to filter, agitate and treat corrosive solutions used in metal finishing shops, laboratories and other chemical processes.

Recommended for all electroplating solutions including electroless nickel at 200° F (93 °C).

Sethco offers a variety of sizes to meet your specific filtration requirements. No matter which model you choose, you can be assured of a quality product that will give you dependable, long lasting service.

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Unit of Measure



Max. Filtration Rate1 N/A 2000 gph

Max. Pressure

N/A 22 ft

Max. Immersion Level Dimensions

N/A 9 "

Min. Immersion Level Dimensions

N/A 5-5/16 "

Motor Power

N/A 1/6 hp


N/A 115 - (Standard) V208 to 230/380 to 460 V($290.00)230 V($55.00)


N/A 60/50 Hz


N/A Single (Standard) Three

Standard Filter Tube

N/A (1) MSC15P20P

Net Weight

N/A 25 lbs


N/A Double Filter Holder ($134.00)

Materials of Construction

N/A The high strength qualities and rigidity of CPVC make the SSF Series suction filter systems extremely rugged, yet wear and impact resistant, and capable of handling the roughest of corrosive liquids and sensitive solutions at 200 ºF (93 ºC). Wetted parts are CPVC so there is no metal contact with liquid.

Effective Filtration

N/A Sethco suction filter systems are equipped with easily inserted. appropriately sized Sethco depth filter tubes. These are precision wound polypropylene fiber over a polypropylene perforated supporting core, forming hundreds of funnel shaped tunnels. Each layer of fiber serves as its own filter screen. The close winding pattern (density) determines the size of the particle retention. Filter tubes are available with solids handling retention values of 50 down to 0.5 micron. Sub-micron filter tubes are also available.

Depth filtration area over the entire thickness of the Sethco No. 5 filter tube is 2.0 sq. ft.; of the No. 10 filter tube is 3.5 sq. ft.; of the No. 20 filter tube is 7.0 sq. ft.; and of the No. 30 filter tube is 10.5 sq. ft. Simultaneous carbon treatment and filtration to 10 micron can be achieved by using Sethco carbon/filter tubes.


N/A Sethco "SSF" electric motors are all totally enclosed, fan cooled. U.L. recognized, CSA approved and continuous duty rated. The motors are protected by special corrosion resistant paints and insulated windings. In addition, they have a corrosion resistant drip cover. The motors are equipped with over-sized, double sealed ball bearings, and have a one-piece shaft to prevent impeller whip and assure long life.
All 1/6 horsepower and larger motors are equipped with a lip seal where the stainless steel shaft enters the motor to help prevent vapors and liquid from entering.


  • Sealless, bearing free design
  • Can run dry without pump damage
  • Portable
  • Self Priming
  • Filtration rates to 5,500 GPH (20,820 LPH)
  • Corrosion resistant CPVC construction
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Quick filter changeover
  • Reusable filter media available
  • Eight models to choose from
  • Compact design requires minimum amount of in-tank space while providing high turnover rate.
  • In-tank design insures leakproof operation. No hoses, connections, or components are outside the tank.
  • Easy installation and filter changeover. Attaches to tank flange with "C" clamp. Each suction filter is provided with mounting panel, clamps, and filter media for immediate start-up.
  • High flow rate, low cost. The Sethco SSF series filter systems are high quality, continuous duty units at a surprisingly low price.
  • Sealless, self-priming, bearing free pump can run dry with no damage. CPVC construction is suitable for temperatures to 200 °F (93 °C).
  • Choice of filter media. Choose reusable spiral wrap media, standard wound cartridges, or carbon filter tubes.
  • Versatile suction filter system provides filtration, carbon treatment, tank agitation, and tank transfer.
  • Only one moving part makes these filter systems virtually maintenance free. In the unlikely event that service is necessary, Sethco Sealless Suction Filters are field repairable and do not have to be returned to the factory for repair.
  • Warranty

    N/A One year warranty against defective parts and workmanship. See Form TC-01 for full warranty details. Always be specific about your application in order that proper materials may be furnished. Let Sethco or an authorized distributor know: liquids being handled, gallons, temperature and pH.
    The standard warranty does not apply when equipment is used contrary to factory recommendations. Since the policy of Sethco is one of continual improvement, we reserve the right to change design or materials at any time, without giving notice or creating any obligations to previous or future customers.


    N/A Sethco
    • 1 At 60 Hz. Filtration rate based on standard filter tube. All models can use any length tube, however filtration rate will vary.