XC Series - Inline Heat Exchanger

Process Technology's rugged XC inline chemical heat exchangers are ideal for one-pass cooling of chemicals dumping to waste stream. This product is also appropriate for heating applications. The system innovatively eliminates high costs associated with water aspiration. Utilizing Polypropylene or PVDF housing and fluoropolymer tubing, XC is configured for your application with custom sizes and configurations available.

XC in-line heat exchanger shown (cutaway for illustrative purposes).

Service: In-line chemical heat exchanger with all fluoropolymer wetted surfaces (tubing side) for virtually any wet chemistry application.

•  1.5 ft2 (.14m2) of exchange area
•  2.5 ft2 (.23m2) of exchange area
•  3.5 ft2 (.33m2) of exchange area

Standard Features

•  ½-inch (13mm) PFA tubing, .030” (.76mm) thick
•  All welded construction (shell)
•  4½-inch (114mm) diameter polypropylene or PVDF shell
•  Internally baffled for enhanced heat exchanger performance
•  “U” factor (depending on flow rate): 25-50 BTU/(hr x ft2 x °F) = 142-284 J/(s x m2 x °C)
•  Shell-side drain connection

Fluid Connections

•  Tube, Shell and Drain: Flared connections standard, choose sizes and other options when ordering.

Maximum Pressure/Temperature

•  Tube (PFA): 35 PSIG (241 kPa) at 120ºC (250ºF)
•  Shell (PP): 30 PSIG (206 kPa) at 82ºC (180ºF)
•  Optional shell (PVDF): 30 PSIG (206 kPa) at 135ºC (275ºF)


•  ¼-inch (6.4mm) to ¾-inch (19mm) Super Pillar 300 Type® connections
•  Custom sizes based on application
•  Heavy-wall PFA tubing, .062" thick

Unit of Measure