AMETEK Slimline Coil Model D 500 & QD 500 Heat Exchangers

These immersion heat exchangers are popular in metal finishing and chemical processing applications, and are especially suited to batch and continuous steel pickling applications. Unlike some immersion coils made of sub-quality FPI, AMETEK fluoropolymer tubing virtually eliminates corrosion and fouling, which reduces operating costs through reliable, maintenance-free operation and long service life.

Slimline heat exchangers are available in a choice of two tubing materials: standard FEP and propriety "Q" resin that extends pressure and temperature performance.
The Q-Series Slimline coils are preferred for efficiency by avoiding desuperheating in steam heat applications. In metal processing, high-efficiency AMETEK Slimline Coil Heat Exchangers also save energy, reduce waste, and cut processing costs by minimizing acid consumption and spent pickle liquor disposal.

Key Features:
* Reduces operating and maintenance costs
* No fouling or scaling
* Energy efficient by avoiding desuperheating
* U-shape or straight configurations
* Lengths from 4 to 16 feet

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Item #

Tube Outside Diameter

Tube Wall Thickness

Average Heat Transfer Coefficient (U) Q Resin

Average Heat Transfer Coefficient (U) FEP, PFA

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Ametek Slimline Coil N/A .125 "3.175 mm N/A .0125 ".3175 mm N/A 60 to 100 BTU/Hr.ft² ºF293 to 488 watts/m² ºK N/A 30 to 50 BTU/Hr.ft² ºF146 to 244 watts/m² ºK Add To Cart
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