Only Fanta Equipment Company gives you a choice of 6 dryers ranging in capacity from 75 lbs. to 800 lbs. Each dryer varies in load capacity, horsepower and basket size, allowing optimum use of energy and floor space.


* Top Opening, Counterbalanced Cover is easy to open and close and does not impinge on valuable floor space.
* Magnetic Disc Brake automatically engages when stopping for a smoother, faster stop. No need for manually operated foot brakes.
* I-Beam Base is welded to a square frame construction for maximum strength and long service life.
* Front Access Panel makes maintenance easy and efficient.
* Lid Safety Switch interrupts current flow when the lid is raised. This engages the magnetic brake, bringing the basket to a smooth, fast stop.

Optional Heating Units.
All Fanta Equipment Company dryers are available with a choice of steam or electric heating units.

Other Optional Equipment:
* Soft Touch Control Package
* Timer Packages
* Baskets
          * Mild Steel
          * Stainless Steel
          * Polypropylene

NOTE: Baskets are not included with Dryers.

Large load capacities demand rugged construction. From the 250 lb. Samson to the 800 lb. Super Samson Plus. Fanta Equipment Company's line of Samson Dryers are built to provide continuous service under punishing conditions.

* Oversized roller bearings and triple V-belt drive assure you of consistent operation.
* The dryer base is welded to a square frame for maximum strength.

Special Application Dryers:
Call us for modifications such as these which make drying economical and efficient:

* Polypropylene liner for corrosive materials
* Stainless Steel Construction
* Automatic lid opening and closing
* Special Sizes

Reduce part damage caused by sudden stops and starts inherent with centrifugal drying. Fanta Equipment Company's Soft Touch Package uses state-of-the-art technology to meet today's need for zero defects by controlling acceleration and deceleration.


* Variable speed control for acceleration and deceleration can be separately adjusted from 0.1 to 3600 seconds.
* Digital readouts display dryer speed, motor frequency, machine load in amps, input voltage, and motor voltage.
* Flickering LED's indicate forward or reverse motor operation.
* All operator functions are performed at the membrane keypad with LED display.
* Speed set by numeric key entry or increase/decrease arrows.
* Programmable lockout of reversing or function settings.
* Mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure with manual start and emergency stop buttons.
* Optional timer permits independent operation of forward and reverse speeds.

Fanta Equipment Company offers a complete line of dryer baskets in various sizes and materials of construction. Whether your application calls for mild steel, stainless steel or polypropylene. Fanta Equipment Company has a basket designed to suit your needs. Special application baskets are also available.

Heavy Duty Baskets: Mild steel and stainless steel baskets provide heavy duty service for tough applications. The solid bottom design of the 12" x 12" and 18" x 18" baskets makes load handling simple and efficient. Our standard perforation size of 3/32" permits efficient draining. Mild steel baskets are 12 gauge; stainless steel baskets are 16 gauge material. Larger size baskets have a double thick, hinged bottom with a quick release lever. (Note: 18" x 18" baskets are also available with a hinged bottom.)

Metafin Supply Company supplies Parts that are not listed on our website. Please call us now at (847) 740-1599 and speak with a Customer Service person who can help identify, find the exact replacement parts, and troubleshoot your centrifugal dryer problems.

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Item #

Basket Size

Maximum Load

Motor Size

Basket Speed

Floor Space Required


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Model 1 N/A 12 x 12 in N/A 75.0 lbs N/A 2 hp N/A 725 rpm N/A 24 x 30 in N/A 600 lbs Add To Cart
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Model 2 N/A 18 x 18 in N/A 110.0 lbs N/A 2 hp N/A 600 rpm N/A 30 x 36 in N/A 900 lbs Add To Cart
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Model 3 N/A 18 x 18 in N/A 250.0 lbs N/A 3 hp N/A 460 rpm N/A 36 x 48 in N/A 1650 lbs Add To Cart
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Samson N/A 23 x 18 in N/A 300.0 lbs N/A 3 hp N/A 350 rpm N/A 36 x 48 in N/A 1700 lbs Add To Cart
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Super Samson N/A 30 x 24 in N/A 500 lbs N/A 10 hp N/A 300 rpm N/A 44 x 54 in N/A 2300 lbs Add To Cart
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Super Samson Plus N/A 30 x 24 in N/A 800 lbs N/A 10 hp N/A 300 rpm N/A 44 x 54 in N/A 2400 lbs Add To Cart
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