XC High-Flow Series - Inline Heat Exchanger

The XC Inline Heat Exchanger is now available with a high-flow option that provides the same heat transfer performance as the original but now with a reduced fluid pressure drop. With a PFA tube-side fluid path, the XC High-Flow will meet the highest cleanliness requirements to support next-generation ultra-high-purity (UHP) semiconductor node technologies. This exchanger supports both recirculating and single-pass flow applications. Ideal for heating and cooling water, acids, bases, and solvents.

•  1.5 ft2 (.14m2) of exchange area
•  2.5 ft2 (.23m2) of exchange area
•  3.5 ft2 (.33m2) of exchange area

Standard Features

•  ½-inch (13mm) PFA tubing, .030” (.76mm) thick
•  All welded construction (shell)
•  5.8125-inch (147.5mm) diameter polypropylene or PVDF shell
•  Internally baffled for enhanced heat exchanger performance
•  “U” factor (depending on flow rate): 25-50 BTU/(hr x ft2 x °F) = 142-284 J/(s x m2 x °C)
•  Shell-side drain connection

Fluid Connections

•  Tube, Shell and Drain: Flared connections standard, choose sizes and other options when ordering.

Maximum Pressure/Temperature

•  (PFA) Tubing: 34.96 PSIG (241 kPa) at 120ºC (248ºF)
•  Polypro Shell: 29.8 PSIG (206 kPa) at 82ºC (179.6ºF)
•  (PVDF) Shell: 29.8 PSIG (206 kPa) at 135ºC (275ºF)


•  ¾-inch (19mm) Super Pillar 300 Type® connections
•  Custom sizes based on application
•  Heavy-wall PFA tubing, (15.7mm) .062" wall thick