Our CECO Mefiag brand CR Series - Chromic Acid Disc Filter Systems are special filtration units of polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) lined or solid PVDF construction. These units, which feature horizontal disc technology and capacities from 800 to 6,500 gph, are specifically for use in processes where chromic acid is involved (hard chromium, etching, etc.)
Corrosion Resistant PVDF ConstructionThe MEFIAG® AdvantageMEFIAG® is recognized throughout the world as the leading supplier of high efficiency, high quality, horizontal disc filters for superior performance. Series 2500/4500/6500-CR is a design that incorporates the best that MEFIAG has to offer including PVDF construction and self-priming magnetic drive pump as standard.

Designed for the filtration of chromic acid solutions including etching of ABS. For plating tanks from 1,000 to approximately 3,300 gallons.

All systems come with a KMSP self priming magnetic drive pump.Exclusive MEFIAG® stainless steel lifting device (for 4500 & 6500 Series) provides for simple mechanical movement of the cover for maintenance purposes. Just turn crank to raise lid. Then swing lid away to access filter media
Unit of Measure


Precoated Flow Rate (Filtering Capacity)

N/A 2,500 gph

Filtration Surface Area

N/A 25 ft

Number of Filter Media

N/A 40

Filter Media Diameter

N/A 12 "

Approximate Length

N/A 37 "

Approximate Width

N/A 20 "

Approximate Height

N/A 48 "

Approximate (Crated) Net Weight

N/A 410 lbs

Flanged Connections (Suction)

N/A 1-1/4 in Inlet

Flanged Connections (Discharge)

N/A 1-1/4 in Outlet

TEFC Motor

N/A 1 hp

Piping, Valves and Connections

N/A Piping, valves, and connections are all hard pipe PVDF.


N/A Mefiag

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • PVDF construction withstands highly acidic environments
  • PVDF self-priming magnetic drive pump with silicone carbide bearings is standard
  • Reusable media
  • 100 GPH per sq/ft of surface area
  • Suitable for chromic acid
  • Filter assembly can be removed in its entirety
  • Temperatures to 190°F (90°C)
  • Pre-coated flow rate to 9000 GPH
  • Large sludge holding capacity
  • Low disposal cost
  • High efficiency
  • Specific gravities to 1.5
  • Shipped ready for immediate operation
  • Powder coated steel frame with casters for easy handling
  • NEMA 4 water tight, corrosion resistant starter
  • Mechanical cover lifting device for easy access to filter pack (not available on the 2500 Series)



N/A Filter chambers are constructed of mild steel with a PVDF lining on the interior and corrosion resistant paint (2 coats) on the exterior.
A flanged tangential inlet is standard, along with a bottom outlet and drain.
Stainless steel eyebolts with hand wheels hold the powder coated steel cover in place. The lifting device provides for mechanical movement of the cover for maintenance purposes.

A pressure gauge (0-60 PSI) is supplied with a corrosion resistant guard.

Reusable filter media suited for the application is placed between the rigid PVDF filter discs. Filter media of various materials and micron ratings are available. Ten (10) micron polyester is standard.

All systems are mounted on a powder coated structural steel frame with casters for easy handling.

PVDF Pump Options

PVDF Pump Options

N/A A PVDF self-priming magnetic drive pump Model KMSP is standard. PVDF mechanical seal pump is available. High purity silicon carbide bearings and Viton O-rings are standard on magnetic drive pumps. Silicon carbide with Viton O-ring provided with mechanical seal pump. The NEMA 4x motor starter is housed in a liquid tight enclosure.