Our CECO Mefiag brand CR Series - Chromic Acid Disc Filter Systems are special filtration units of polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) lined or solid PVDF construction. These units, which feature horizontal disc technology and capacities from 800 to 6,500 gph, are specifically for use in processes where chromic acid is involved (hard chromium, etching, etc.)

Corrosion Resistant
PVDF Construction

The MEFIAG® Advantage
MEFIAG® is recognized throughout the world as the leading supplier of high efficiency, high quality, horizontal disc filters for superior performance. Series 2500/4500/6500-CR is a design that incorporates the best that MEFIAG has to offer including PVDF construction and self-priming magnetic drive pump as standard.

Designed for the filtration of chromic acid solutions including etching of ABS. For plating tanks from 1,000 to approximately 3,300 gallons.

All systems come with a KMSP self-priming magnetic drive pump.

Exclusive MEFIAG® stainless steel lifting device (for 4500 & 6500 Series) provides for simple mechanical movement of the cover for maintenance purposes. Just turn crank to raise lid. Then swing lid away to access filter media.

Metafin Supply Company supplies Parts that are not listed on our website.  Please call us now at (847) 740-1599 and speak with a Customer Service person who can help identify and find the exact replacement parts, and troubleshoot your system and processing problems.
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Item #

Precoated Flow Rate (Filtering Capacity)

Filtration Surface Area

Number of Filter Media

Filter Media Diameter


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CR-4500 N/A 4,500 gph N/A 44 ft N/A 44 N/A 14 " QUOTE Add To Cart
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CR-6500 N/A 6,500 gph N/A 62 ft N/A 35 N/A 19 " QUOTE Add To Cart
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