For Easy Removal of Debris From Electroplating Tanks

3 in 1 System
When you buy a Sethco "Tank-Vac" System, you get a powerful corrosive liquid vacuum cleaner, a high flow bag filtration system, and an all purpose self-priming pump, all in one.

The complete system consists of a rugged CPVC chamber, a self-priming, magnetic drive, sealless centrifugal pump and a corrosion resistant CPVC vacuum wand with 20 feet of 1-1/4" reinforced vinyl hose. The pump and chamber are mounted on a rigid plastic panel with 3" ball bearing casters.

It’s a Vacuum
When used as a vacuum cleaner, sludge, dirt, small parts, chips, and other debris can be quickly and easily removed from plating tanks.

The powerful pump suction easily vacuums the bottom of the tank. The bag filter chamber is mounted on the suction side of the pump so that it filters the solution before the particulate matter passes through the pump. When vacuuming is complete, the filtered solids can be removed from the reusable filter bag.

The complete Vacuum Wand consists of heavy duty, CPVC nozzle, 6 foot CPVC extension pipe with coupling, hose adapter for 1-1/4" hose and hose clamp. For longer and deeper tanks, 3 foot extension pipes with coupling are available. The extension wands can be attached to each other and also to either end of the 6 foot pipe.

It’s a Filter System
The versatile system is ideally suited for filtering plating and corrosive solutions. Filter bags are reusable and are available to remove trace contaminants as small as 1 micron from plating tanks. High volume filtration to 3600 GPH is possible.

It’s a Utility Pump
If desired, the self-priming pump can be used to transfer corrosive liquids to fill or empty plating tanks, empty sumps, drums, vats and handle other daily pumping chores.

The 3 in 1 Sethco "Tank Vac" System...the best thing next to your plating tank.

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Item #

Max. Pump Flow

Bag Size

Filter Area

Inlet Hose ID

Outlet Hose ID

Motor Power

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PMSPBG-2TV N/A 52 gpm N/A #2 N/A 1.9 ft² N/A VRV - 1-1/4 " N/A NRV - 1-1/4 " N/A 1 hp Add To Cart
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PMSPBG-3TV N/A 60 gpm N/A #3 N/A 3.0 ft² N/A VRV - 1-1/4 " N/A NRV - 1-1/4 " N/A 2 hp Add To Cart
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PMSPBG-5TV N/A 60 gpm N/A #5 N/A 5.2 ft² N/A VRV - 1-1/4 " N/A NRV - 1-1/4 " N/A 2 hp Add To Cart
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