Paper Media:
MEFIAG disposable filter media is a blend of the highest quality cellulose material to provide superior efficiency with excellent wet strength. Use with or without precoating.
Boxes include 250 pieces each

Carbon Media:
MEFIAG carbon filter media is 10 micron cellulose impregnated with activated carbon. Provides simultaneous treatment of filtration and removal of organic impurities in one easy step.
Boxes Include 100 pieces each

Polypropylene Media:
MEFIAG polypropylene filter disc are available in both woven (cloth) and non-woven (felt) types. Used when the application demands a more chemical resistant media, or when the benefit of reusable media is preferred. Use with or without precoating.
Sold by the piece

For Model 30000-LSS (SY) - (35) required
For Model 30000-HFS (SY) - (59) required
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